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With the OneManLiving project at the Milan-Bovisa Politecnico, a group of first year students has the extraordinary opportunity to design and build a model of minimal living in real dimensions.

It refers to key experiences of the past as prototypes are an emergency unit of the 1960s, but in particular relate to the Japanese mini-architectures and spaces designed by Shigeru Ban architect using "L" metal profiles, typical of the shelves library.

A true architectural contest has invited all students to design a small space to live. The basic requirements are: the use of environmentally friendly materials, the economics of manufacture, the rationality of assembly.

The call also requires a proper use destination and specified some technical parameters (SLP, volumetry, maximum height). Every year only the first building materiali is indicated, leaving instead complete freedom in the choice of the tamponamento.

Finally, an external jury selected the two winning projects to be built on a real scale.


Partecipation as an assistent at the course Laboratorio di Architettura degli interni held by  Professor Yuri Mastromattei.


Politecnico di Milano-Bovisa (MI)


dal 2010 al 2013

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