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Interior World Forum*


Politecnico di Milano (MI)



In a reflection on the concept of Interior Architecture, “in-between” has been identified as the word that characterizes the places where happens the encounter between interior and exterior, inside and outside, empty and full: two spaces seemingly opposed that are rediscovered complementary.

To recognize the continuity between human domestic habitat and outside landscape means conceiving architecture as a unitary and complex narration where you should not consider the one without the other, where the interior space is defined by the external, from which it can not leave out of consideration.

Starting from known examples of modern movement, up to times and places closer to us, different architectural typologies of spaces of mediation are analyzed, in which it is clear that balance and it is recognized the human dimension of space in a dialectical relationship with the landscape. This mediation stimulates experimentation on contemporary architecture and offers new points of view.











* in collaboration with Elena Elgani, Maria Letizia Novarese e Paola Zocchi.

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