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Competition organized by INTERNI and supported by A2A*



Fuorisalone  c/o Casa dell’Energia

Milano (MI)



A raised carpet from which you can see the city and live it in the green.


A rug with infinite possibilities of aggregation that faces the lack of free spaces within the dense historical fabric of the city. A rug that, thanks to its geometry, offers the city a new city to live upstair, to live in the name of sustainability.


This is the underlying idea of ​​the Modular Carpet.

It is an equipped soil which houses the facilities necessary for the installation of single units.

It is flexible because it offers the possibility not only to settle on the roofs of all cities in the world, but above all, because it allows you to assemble the bases in different configurations.

The modular grid that characterizes it makes it possible to accommodate modular housing, assembled on site, repeatable and expandable over time.

The attention to the energetic and bio-climatic aspects of the implants contained in the floor and the materials used for the construction of the housing modules, make Modular Carpet a sustainable and versatile installation system.

This is further supported by the fact that the residences hosted the carpet hosts are based on a passive energy system, so they are not parasites on the buildings, but instead their primary objective is to be energetically autonomous or even possible micro-power plants for the entire stack to which they are aggregated.

In addition, the realizing cost of the project is based on the easy availability of building materials and the strong prefabrication character of living cells, which can easily be assembled by modular panels of 60 cm.


* in collaboration with Elena Elgani, Maria Letizia Novarese e Paola Zocchi.

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