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VL pool

Project of a swimming pool

and arrangement of external areas*


Tremezzina, loc. Ossuccio (CO)



The new swimming pool is placed on an embankment that is below the main garden, so as to interfere as little as possible with the original design of this historic home.

The two existing floats are remodeled and a green linking path is designed.

The area is subdivided into three parts: the first one dedicated to an outdoor dining area, the second one to swimming pool with jacuzzi and stair integrated in the drawing, and the last one to a solarium area.

The subdivisions between the different areas are drawn on the basis of the golden ratio governing the project of the entire complex of Villa Leoni.

The choice of finishes and materials has been made to link the project as much as possible to the surrounding context and landscape.

*in collaboration with KSAR architettura

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