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Chantal Forzatti | Milan,1985

Architect, graduated with praise at the Polytechnic of Milan with the thesis "The Museum of Rationalism in Milan", supervisor Arch. Pierluigi Cerri. In September 2010 she won the second prize at the "Costruire Green Life" competition published in the magazine "Interni". In the same year she participated in the Interiors Forum World with the In / between poster. Since 2010 she has been working as an assistant in the Interior Design Laboratory (Interior design) by Professor Yuri Mastromattei at the Polytechnic of Milan. In the same year she started collaborating with Villa Leoni in the management and organization of events. Since 2011 she has been working with several studies dealing mainly with renovation, interior design and furnishing. She currently plays the free profession. She is enrolled at the Architects' Order in Monza.


2010 | COSTRUIRE GREEN LIFE, second prize


2016 | 16VT XXI Triennale of Milan 21st century Design after Design. "Stanze, altre filosofie dell'abitare".


2011 | FUORISALONE Casa dell’Energia, Milan


2020 | COSE DI CASA n.4

2020 | NYTLIV magazine, versione online

2019 | LIVING, versione online

2019 | COSE DI CASA n.9

2019 | COSE DI CASA n.5

2019 | COSE DI CASA n.4

2018 | VILLE E CASALI n.3

2018 | COSE DI CASA n.1

2016 | 16VT  "Stanze, altre filosofie dell'abitare", catalogo XXI Triennale di Milano 21st century Design after Design, Marsilio

2010 | In/between INTERIOR WOR(L)DS_IFW 2010 

2010 | Modular carpet, INTERNI n.604

2008 | Un complesso religioso per la città di Piacenza, Architettura civile n.1


The office boasts a dense network of professional collaborations matured over the years. This network of relationships allows a broad level of competence in every field of architectural design.

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